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The Snowta Team

Minneapolis, MN


Snowta is a new Minnesota based lifestyle brand that draws its inspiration and designs for its apparel products from the Midwest and the mountains. 

Snowta was started in Minneapolis during the Winter of 2013 and our mission is to bring a fresh, crisp and clean look to all of our products.

Snowta is not your typical lifestyle brand.  We create quality products that are modern and sleek so you can look and feel great whether you are on a lake, on the slopes, or out on the town.



Snowta is a Minneapolis based lifestyle brand. We are inspired by our love of the outdoors and our passion for new adventure. We believe that the human spirit is most alive when it has found an escape in nature, so whether you are exploring the mountains out West or on a lake in Minnesota we want you to find your inspiration.

We originated in the winter of 2013 and we are not your typical lifestyle brand. We want to give back to the world by bringing the highest quality products to our customers. We promise to bring you fresh, crisp and clean designs so that you can look and feel great wherever your adventure takes you.